Book Lists

Book Lists

As each group has started up, our practice has been to start at a common point by reading some excerpts from the book “The World’s Religions” by Huston Smith.  We ask new members to read the chapters on Christianity, Judaism and Islam before the first meeting. This helps establish some common vocabulary as well as getting members comfortable talking about their own religions.

We also have a suggested first-year foundational reading list for new groups, including discussion questions.

Print a first-year book list and recommendations for discussion (PDF).

Print an alphabetical list of all the books (PDF) we have been reading.

Print a selected list of books with descriptions (PDF).

Book List Links

Our books are organized in a Goodreads Library. Using the links on this page you can see what we have been reading in each category. Once you click through to the book list, you can see other classifications, such as which groups have read which books, and suggestions for future reading.